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Deciding to go for cosmetic surgery can be overwhelming. The excitement of finally looking your best also comes with the fear of things going wrong or the results being different from your expectations. If you want to get cosmetic surgery, we highly recommend you think thoroughly from all angles about your decision. You should also consider the following points before acting on your decision to get total body lipo or other cosmetic surgeries:

Monetary Impact

Cosmetic surgeries are not cheap, and most health insurances don’t cover them. If you want to go for cosmetic surgery, you have to consider its cost. You also have to decide if you want to save for it in advance or pay it on credit. In both cases, you might have to reduce other expenses in your life to pay off the cosmetic surgery. 

If you plan to have a series of small cosmetic surgeries, you should consider the cost of the entire procedure rather than the first or immediate one. If you have major financial goals on your list, like saving for a down payment for your home or leasing a new car, you may have to budget and make timelines for all your goals. 


Cosmetic surgeries can be rendered useless or become complicated if you don’t consider your life’s timeline when going for them. For example, if you are a woman and plan to have babies in the future, you should postpone the idea of a boob-lift till after completing your family. 

Pregnancies can be different for different women, but body changes during pregnancies or post-pregnancies are common for most women. While the changes in breasts, abdomen, and bottom areas are more apparent, many women even experience changes in their faces. 

Therefore, before going through cosmetic surgery, you should be sure that you don’t want to expand your family. The desire to look your best and the desire for a family are both very important for all women, and you should never put yourself in a position where you have to choose one over the other. 

Physical and Mental Health 

While there has never been a shortage of beauty standards for women, the pressure to fulfill them has never been greater. As much as it is everyone’s right to look and feel their best, you should rethink why you want to pursue cosmetic surgery.

We suggest trying out non-surgical procedures before committing yourself to surgery and thoroughly considering your physical and mental health. You don’t want to put yourself through something that you cannot tolerate or which will only make you feel worse. 

Look at the Bigger Picture

Many times, people go for cosmetic surgery without thinking thoroughly. For example, if they don’t like their nose, they get it urgently fixed only to realize later on that a thinner nose doesn’t fit their face either. They regret going for cosmetic surgery and later go for a reverse cosmetic surgery to look as they had always looked. 

They not only end up wasting their time and money but also put themselves under a lot of unnecessary pain. However, you can avoid this mistake by always looking at the bigger picture by first consulting with the cosmetic surgeon. Digital facial reconstruction tools can help you determine if you want to change anything about yourself.

A certified cosmetic surgeon should be able to guide you on ‘stacked’ surgeries. Stacked surgeries refer to small cosmetic surgeries that can be done back to back. They can include multiple procedures at once, including total body lipo, that can save you money and recovery time and greatly reduce the chances of regret. 

Plan Ahead

Many people get caught in the trap of looking perfect. You might start with a nose job, but before you know it, you will begin wanting to change everything about how you look. While it’s solely your decision to look as you like, you should plan things to make room for other factors mentioned above. 

Make a list of things you want to change about yourself and see how many of them are necessary, achievable, and affordable. You don’t want to start a chain reaction to one cosmetic surgery. Consult your cosmetic surgeon and discuss all your plans with them. There is no shame in informing your surgeon about the time and money constraints. It will allow them to advise you and plan your cosmetic surgeries accordingly. 

Finally, don’t forget to factor in the recovery period. Recovery time for cosmetic surgeries can take weeks or even months. You will be required to give up your professional and domestic responsibilities during this time, so always schedule your cosmetic surgery in your life at the best possible time. 

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