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After getting a breast augmentation in Florida, you probably want to do everything in your power to ensure your breasts stay perky. Breast enhance is an investment, after all, and like any investment, you want to ensure it lasts. When doing your research on tips to keep your implants from sagging, you will find a lot of gimmicks on the market attempting to trick you. The good news is there are techniques to support your implants, and we are going to share them with you.

Follow Recovery Instructions

It does not take long to recover after breast augmentation – many patients feel fine after one week. Nevertheless, during this time, it is important to follow the instructions provided by your plastic surgeon. This will ensure a speedy recovery and prevent risks and complications. At Take Shape, we will provide you with detailed instructions for the first week, which is typically the most uncomfortable. We recommend wearing recovery bras during this time to reduce pain.

After this first week, continue to follow our instructions on what to do for the next few weeks as you ease your way back into your normal routine. We recommend a follow-up appointment so your surgeon can assess how well your recovery is going. In general, patients can resume normal activities after two months.

Wear Supportive Bras, Avoid Push-Up Bras

After breast augmentation, you need to provide your breasts with more support than you are accustomed to. This will involve some research to find the right size and level of support you need. A supportive bra will help lift and keep your breasts in place throughout the day. This is not a permanent solution to sagging, but it will significantly eliminate excessive sagging. The longer you wear supportive bras, the more likely they are to strengthen the connective tissue which, in turn, reduces sagging.

In addition to wearing extra support, avoid push-up bras as much as possible. Push-up bras can weaken the supportive tissue, ligaments, and muscles, making it harder for your breasts to handle the weight on their own.

Practice Good Skincare

We cannot vouch for the supposed miracle creams and lotions on the market that claim to make your implants perkier and prevent or eliminate sagging. These products are gimmicks and have been proven as frauds on countless occasions. However, do not neglect proper skincare and applying these techniques where it counts. For example, you should purchase a good moisturizer and sunscreen to help strengthen and tone your skin. This will help decrease your tissues from breaking down and allowing gravity to take its toll.

Be Consistent With Your Follow-Up Appointments

Your surgeon at Take Shape will have you schedule follow-up appointments to determine the success of your breast augmentation procedure. It is advised that you visit our med spa in Fort Lauderdale for all recommended appointments to ensure there are no problems or complications. Our team can also advise you on how best to protect your new implants based on your specific needs.

Watch Your Weight

If you are planning to lose weight before your procedure, it is recommended that you hold off until you have reached your goal weight. This is because weight fluctuations can impact the tissue, causing the implants to sag. As a result, if you start to lose weight after your procedure, you will notice your breasts will slightly sag. Sagging will also happen during pregnancy.

This does not mean that you should avoid exercising and neglect to stay in shape. In fact, regular exercise can support your breasts and core strength, which can facilitate the appearance you desire. Drastic weight loss (or weight gain), on the other hand, should be avoided.

Breast Augmentation Revision

If you are still experiencing excessive sagging that you want to be corrected, talk to your plastic surgeon about getting a breast lift or augmentation revision. You and your doctor can discuss the best options based on your needs. Revision does not strengthen the tissue, however, it does lift the breasts, making them higher and more attractive.

Final Thoughts

You cannot eliminate sagging entirely. Over time, sagging is inevitable, even when it comes to breast implants. Nevertheless, you can slow down the process by following these tips. They are not quick or permanent solutions, but they are effective.

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