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Microdermabrasion refers to a cosmetic procedure that uses a high-frequency pulse to remove the top layer of skin. It works by dragging the top layer of skin off, so people often call it “sanding.” Microdermabrasion is typically done in conjunction with other procedures such as chemical peels, IPL (intense pulsed light), and laser skin resurfacing. It is also used to remove “freckles” or other pigment spots from the skin. Microdermabrasion is most often performed in a doctor’s office, but you can also do it in a spa setting at the patient’s home.


Here are seven facts about microdermabrasion cosmetic surgery in Fort Lauderdale.


1. Microdermabrasion Removes the Skin’s Uppermost Layer


Microdermabrasion removes the skin’s uppermost layer called the stratum corneum. The stratum corneum is a waxy, protective layer that forms at the skin’s top. The outer layer of the skin is made up of dead cells that form a barrier against bacteria and other irritants.


2. Microdermabrasion Corrects Age Spots


Age spots are often brown when they occur, and they contain a higher concentration of melanin than normal skin. Microdermabrasion can be used to remove age spots and other pigment spots. It is most effective on these spots because they are caused by the sun, damaging the skin. Microdermabrasion works to effectively remove these age spots and other pigment spots from the skin.


3. Microdermabrasion Removes Acne Scars


Microdermabrasion is also effective at removing acne scars. The build-up of scar tissue causes acne scars after the skin’s pores have been damaged. Microdermabrasion is often used to remove these scars that have formed on the face and other parts of the body. If you have acne scars, visit a Fort Lauderdale plastic surgeon.


4. You Need Multiple Treatments


It would be best if you got a microdermabrasion treatment at least once a year to maintain the results of your skin. To keep your skin looking healthy, you will need to continue getting treatments for acne scars and age spots. This means you will have to get multiple treatments to get the best results from microdermabrasion. Your plastic surgeon in Sassani will guide you on this.


5. Microdermabrasion Is Not Painful


Microdermabrasion is not painful. You may feel some burning during the treatment, but it will not last long. After your microdermabrasion treatments, you will feel some tightness in the skin, but this is normal and should go away within a few hours.


Microdermabrasion is effective at removing even small amounts of tissue. However, it does not remove live tissue or blood vessels.


6. Microdermabrasion Is Safe


Microdermabrasion is a safe procedure. It does not use any harmful chemicals or drugs that can cause side effects on the skin. It does not cause allergic reactions or skin scarring.


7. Microdermabrasion Treats Multiple Conditions


Microdermabrasion can also be used to treat other conditions on the skin besides acne scars and age spots, including hyperpigmentation and sunspots. These conditions can be caused by genetics, sun damage, hormonal changes, or other factors. Microdermabrasion cosmetic surgery in Fort Lauderdale can treat these conditions as well.


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