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A Few FAQs About Getting A Mommy Makeover.

Having a baby is easily one of the most remarkable experiences a woman can have in her life. Your heart will open up and your perspective on life will change. That being said, after childbirth, you may not feel like yourself. Along with that, you may also no longer be happy with your body and the way it makes you feel. A little mommy makeover with plastic surgery may be the right answer.


Losing a little self esteem because of your body image is perfectly normal. Many South Florida moms choose to treat themselves to a Mommy Makeover, giving them the boost of confidence they need. 


Dr. Russell Sassani is a board-certified plastic surgeon who can help with this. 


His expertise covers every procedure you may choose to have a mommy makeover and give you back your beautiful body. He will discuss with you the goals you have and available options. We cater our services to moms from Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach. From Lauderdale by the Sea to Plantation Acres and beyond. Now let’s review some mommy makeover FAQs.

What Are The Procedures For A Mommy Makeover?

Every woman’s body is unique and will react differently after giving birth. Your plastic surgery options will vary depending on what your needs are. Three of the most common mommy makeover procedures are:


A tummy tuck could be all that you need. Being pregnant causes your skin to stretch and grow at an alarming rate. The sudden change after childbirth leaves you with more skin and a bit of fat than you need or want. This procedure also tightens your abdominal muscles. We will remove both of the extra skin and fat, leaving you with a well-toned and flat tummy. 

Breast Augmentation / Breast Lift

Your mommy makeover might include one or both of these plastic surgery options after your consultation. A breast augmentation will enhance the shape, texture and size of your breasts. A breast lift will reshape and resize your breast and can also reduce the size of the areola.


The benefits of liposuction could be part of the solution for your mommy makeover. We will sculpt and shape you back to your pre-baby body by removing any unwanted fat. This procedure can be performed on just about any part of your body, from cheeks to knees!

How Long Is Recovery Time For A Mommy Makeover?

Plastic surgery recovery really depends on which procedures you and the team at Take Shape Plastic Surgery decide on. You could go home the very same day or Dr. Sassani may recommend an overnight stay in some cases. Your actual recovery time will usually take anywhere from one to four weeks.

Will My Mommy Makeover Scars Be Visible?

Dr. Sassani is a highly respected surgeon in the field of plastic surgery. His ability to minimize scarring is one of the reasons South Florida moms turn to him for a mommy makeover. He will choose the best location and use the smallest incisions possible to minimize visibility. The team at Take Shape will also provide you with solutions to help you eliminate or reduce scarring after plastic surgery.

When Should I Choose To Get A Mommy Makeover?

The easy answer is when you are done having children. Having another baby after a tummy tuck procedure could result in the second plastic surgery results not being as good as the first. We recommend you wait at least six months after breastfeeding as well. This will allow for time to let the shape and size of your breasts stabilize.


We Can Help!

Take Shape Plastic Surgery will help you decide what the best mommy makeover options are for you. We offer virtual consultations to make life easier and get you on the road to a better body. And it’s not just mommy makeovers, our surgical and non-surgical plastic surgery options cannot be compared.


Take Shape Plastic Surgery Center is located in Plantation, FL.

Call us today at (954) 324-2329 or click here to schedule a free consultation.

Breast Augmentation Florida | Breast Augmentation Near Me | Breast Augmentation Specialist
Here Are Six Reasons for a Breast Augmentation in Florida

There are numerous cosmetic procedures that can be done every year, but the most popular cosmetic procedure within the United States is breast augmentation. This procedure is highly sought after for multiple reasons and continues to rank as the number one desired procedure year after year. At Take Shape Plastic Surgery, we understand that breast augmentation can be scary to think about, as you’re applying a change to the visual aesthetics of your body. However, we’ve also seen how hundreds of patients have been incredibly grateful for the opportunity to feel more secure in their skin. Keep reading to learn more about the top six reasons for a breast augmentation procedure. 

  • Self-Confidence 

One of the biggest reasons people decide to undergo a breast augmentation service is because of their lack of self-confidence. They also find that some clothing pieces are difficult to wear and that finding clothes can be frustrating for them. Having a breast augmentation is more than a service for aesthetic purposes, but rather a life-changing visual shift in the way a person identifies with themselves. We give men and women the bodies they’ve always wanted, using the safe and effective tools we have to make it happen. With this new body comes a sense of self-security and more self-confidence. 

  • Reductions 

Sometimes, breast augmentation isn’t about adding elements in, but rather removing them. For women who were born with larger breasts than they’d like, a breast reduction is a desirable procedure. Not only does removing the extra fat make them feel lighter, but it also aids in making them feel more self-confident. They too find that because of their larger breasts, certain clothes are challenging for them to wear. They may also have back pain due to the weight of their breasts. As mentioned above, not all breast augmentations are about aesthetics, so much as they are about increasing one’s sense of self-confidence and comfort. 

  • Proportions 

Some individuals feel that their breasts are not proportionate with the rest of their bodies. They may feel that the lower half of their body and the top is misaligned, causing frustrations when it comes to getting dressed. For example, someone with a curvier bottom half may feel that a smaller chest doesn’t fit. Someone with a more linear bottom half may feel that their large breasts are distracting. Either way, a breast augmentation can help with proportions and the overall appearance of your body as a whole.

  • Breast Asymmetry 

Did you know that some women in the world feel that their breasts are a different size or placed higher than the other? While this may seem insignificant to some, it can be very frustrating for those who are self-conscious of this issue. Fortunately, a breast augmentation can help with symmetry, easily helping them feel more confident about their breasts. 

  • Mastectomy 

Last, but not least, a mastectomy is one of the biggest reasons women seek out a plastic surgeon in regard to breast augmentation. Battling breast cancer is hard enough as it is, and when a mastectomy is in order, it can make women feel as though they’ve lost a part of their femininity. Fortunately, breast construction services are available to help women regain what they feel they may have lost.

  • Pregnancy 

Some women prefer to have a breast augmentation procedure after their pregnancies, because of the way the breasts change throughout the process of pregnancy and motherhood. Generally, the skin can stretch, making women self-conscious of their new bodies. A breast augmentation procedure can help women to feel more confident, more self-secure, and more familiar with bodies by restoring their breasts to what they remember them as pre-pregnancy. 


Take Shape Can Help!

If you’re looking for a plastic surgeon specializing in a breast augmentation in Florida, you’re in the right place! At Take Shape Plastic Surgery, we’ve been in the industry for years, making us professionals in our field. Whether you’re looking for body procedures, breast procedures, or facial procedures, we have what you’re looking for. Contact our team today at 954-324-2329 to see how we can help you love your new body!

Breast Reduction Fort Lauderdale | Breast Reduction Near Me | Breast Reduction
What Should You Know About Breast Reduction Pocedures in Fort Lauderdale?

Women with large breasts often consider a breast reduction in Fort Lauderdale for many reasons. The extra weight that comes with large breasts can strain their backs, necks, and even legs. Fortunately, there are options out there for individuals who want to take their breast size down. At Take Shape Plastic Surgery, we realize that having large breasts can be complicated and we provide solutions to assist with these challenges. Not only are they occasionally painful, but they can leave rashes, be difficult during workouts, and it’s harder to find clothing. Some people also feel that their large breast sizes are unproportionate to the rest of their bodies, and some people simply would like to have their breast size reduced. These are just a few reasons why one might consider having the procedure, but whatever your reason for considering a breast reduction, here’s what you should know.


Feeling Better with a Breast Reduction in Fort Lauderdale 

It’s no surprise that those who undergo this procedure generally emerge with a sense of self-confidence in ways they haven’t experienced. However, it’s also important to note that though this procedure has a high satisfaction rating, it’s not a procedure to take lightly. There is downtime required, and it’s not always comfortable. Professionals tell their patients to take a few days away from work or activities so that they can properly rest. It may take about two weeks for patients to feel completely back to normal. 


Two Cup Size Reductions 

Some individuals coming in hoping that they’ll be able to go down multiple cup sizes, however, with a breast reduction, there are limited expectations to what’s possible. Generally, professionals recommend going down two cup sizes. Anything below that may not be best for the aesthetic outcomes one has in their mind. It’s always a good idea to trust the experts when it comes to what’s possible, as following their years of knowledge and expertise can get patients where they ultimately want to go. 


Breast Reductions and Lifts Go Hand-in-Hand 

When you have a breast reduction, you’re also going to be getting a breast lift. The reason being is that large breasts tend to be heavier, and due to gravity, they tend to sit lower on the chest. When you reduce your cup sizes, your breasts are lifted in order to have the visual appeal and proportions that will look most natural. So you won’t have to worry about your breast reduction needing a second procedure or something similar.


Contact Us Today!

If you’re ready for your breast reduction in Fort Lauderdale, look no further. At Take Shape Plastic Surgery, we pride ourselves in helping our clients feeling satisfied and complete after their desired procedures. We know that having any type of surgery can be scary, but we also know that with a 95% satisfaction rating for breast reduction procedures, you’ll be thankful that you had it. Start to feel better, look better, and experience more confidence. Your body will feel lighter, and you’ll also feel more agile. In addition to breast augmentations, we also offer body procedures, breast augmentations, facial procedures, and so much more. From chemical peels, to liposuction, to breast reductions, we have what you need to look and feel your best. With Dr. Sassani on your side, anything is possible! Contact a member from our team today at 954-324-2329.

IPL | Laser Skin Treatment | IPL Treatment
Regain Your Confidence with IPL in Fort Lauderdale

We live in South Florida and many of us are “Sun Worshippers.” But as much as we love the sun, we need to be careful about spending too much time in its beautiful rays, which can do some serious damage to our skin. But not to worry. The experienced medical team at Take Shape Plastic Surgery can help you get back to your healthy, youthful-looking skin, with Laser Treatments – IPL in Fort Lauderdale. 


IPL in Fort Lauderdale Can Help You Smile Again 

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is laser skin resurfacing. This procedure safely and comfortably fades the appearance of skin imperfections caused by the sun. The sun can be treacherous on our skin, and cause the following cosmetic issues:  

  • Fine lines and coarse wrinkles  
  • Discoloration  
  • Freckles  
  • Age Spots 


Minimally-invasive skin resurfacing treatments can help reverse the appearance of those issues. At Take Shape Plastic Surgery, we use Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) photo-rejuvenation, one of the latest skin rejuvenation modalities in dermatology today. This 30-minute laser procedure safely targets your trouble spots, helping them to lighten and gradually fade. Laser treatments were among the most popular minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures performed in 2016. And here’s why. Check out what laser skin resurfacing can improve:  

  • Fine lines or wrinkles around or under your eyes, forehead or mouth  
  • Scars from acne or chickenpox  
  • Non-responsive skin after a facelift  
  • Aged or sun-damaged skin  
  • Liver spots  
  • Blemishes  
  • Improve your complexion if you have yellowish or grayish skin tones  
  • Warts  
  • Birthmarks such as linear epidermal nevi  
  • Enlarged oil glands on the nose 


Depending on the condition of your skin, we typically suggest you get 5 treatment sessions, here at Take Shape Plastic Surgery. Most patients return to normal activities immediately after treatment. You’ll be in good hands with our highly-trained and compassionate medical aestheticians, in our state-of-the-art facility. Call Take Shape Plastic Surgery and make an appointment for a free consultation on getting IPL treatments in Fort Lauderdale. We look forward to helping you enhance your looks and boost your confidence.

Laser Hair Removal, Fort Lauderdale, FL | Cosmetic Surgery | Med Spa
Why Laser Hair Removal in Fort Lauderdale is a Better Option than Salon Waxing

The holiday season is almost here in South Florida, which may mean South Floridians are in store for slightly cooler weather. While this change is welcome after months of oppressive heat, you know it won’t last long. You rarely need to wear boots, hats and a scarf for any length of time. South Florida still experiences warmer temperatures even in the winter months. Perhaps that’s why so many people flock to South Florida from up North during the winter months. Wearing shorts and dresses where arms and legs are exposed is the norm. If you aren’t someone who likes to shave every day, then embarrassing hair or stubble can be annoying. If you’re on the fence about  laser hair removal in Fort Lauderdale, then here four good reasons why you should consider it:

  • Laser hair removal is a common cosmetic procedure ideal for both men and women that require just a few sessions to achieve great results with minimal downtime.
  • Most find that it is far less painful than salon waxing.
  • More cost-effective than buying disposable razors or messy depilatory creams. 
  • You’ll enjoy the benefits of being hair-free for many years to come.

What is the Laser Hair Removal Procedure?

In the laser hair removal procedure, a laser beams tiny pulses of light targeting the hair follicle’s melanin (pigment) in its active growing phase. The laser’s energy is absorbed by the hair follicle, which destroys the hair, causing it to fall out and minimize further growth. Patients describe the laser’s feel as a small pinch, but your practitioner will typically apply a  numbing cream beforehand to reduce discomfort.

What You Should Know About Laser Hair Removal 

  • Not everyone is a candidate for laser hair removal.  Your practitioner will perform a patch test to see if you are a good candidate.
  • For most patients, it generally takes about three to seven sessions to see results from the laser hair removal procedure and acquire the smooth and supple result you want.
  • The length of treatment time varies, but it’s usually around 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the specific area (s) being treated.
  • Laser hair removal also boasts benefits that include a reduced tendency to get ingrown hairs and less irritation of the skin.
  • Laser hair removal lasts up to two years, with maintenance treatments advised after that.
  • The laser will be adjusted to the color, thickness, and location of the hair being treated.

How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal

  • Make sure to limit tweezing, waxing, and electrolysis for six weeks before treatment. That’s because the laser targets the hairs’ root, which can be removed by waxing or tweezing.
  • You must stay out of the sun for at least four to six weeks before and after the treatment. The laser does not work on sunburned skin.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to try Laser Hair Removal, contact Take Shape Plastic Surgery Today. Our team of skilled medical professionals will be happy to clear up any concerns and answer any questions. Call us today at (954) 585-3800 to discover more about laser hair removal treatment in our Fort Lauderdale medical spa or any of our non-surgical or cosmetic surgery procedures.

Dysport Fort Lauderdale | Dysport Treatment | Botox Treatment |
Is Dysport or Botox the Right Wrinkle Relaxer for you in Fort Lauderdale?

At Take Shape Plastic Surgery, we offer a wide array of surgical and non-surgical treatments and body contouring treatment.  With the advent of non-surgical, anti-aging wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers, you can easily maintain your youthful appearance and glow for years to come. Today, medical wellness boutiques or med spas offer you a host of proven anti-aging solutions. A visit to Take Shape Plastic Surgery will help you maintain a more youthful glow and leave you feeling more energized and confident.

Enhance Your Looks with Dysport.

Dysport temporarily treats moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows by preventing muscle contractions in that area and it’s approved for adults less than 65 years of age. What’s more, it is FDA approved to reduce frown lines without changing the look or feel of your face. With our expert medical team, the frozen face is a thing of the past. Our Dysport injections achieve a natural-looking result. This painless, non-invasive series of facial injections administered by the physicians at Take Shape Plastic Surgery results in the appearance of a refreshed, healthier look with reduced lines and wrinkles. Just like Botox, you can treat yourself to Dysport at lunchtime and be back to work in no time. That’s right—no downtime. What’s more, no one will ever know you had anything done. Aside from a bit of redness and bruising, which you’ll take care of by applying an ice-pack, your co-workers will wonder what your secret is to looking so youthful!

Isn’t Botox the Same as Dysport?

Technically, Botox and Dysport are both types of wrinkle relaxers that contain botulinum toxin. They are both considered safe, and they are FDA approved. Each has the same common but minimal side effects, including headaches, numbness, and slight pain from bruising. The effect on your wrinkles will be similar, but the difference lies in the length of time each takes to work and the length of time they last.

How Long Will It Take to See Results?

Botox may take a week or more, and Dysport usually takes effect after a few days of treatment. Dysport usually lasts three to four months, and in some cases, Botox can last up to six months. Most patients see results more quickly with Dysport, which in most cases is four days with Dysport vs. 7-10 days with BOTOX.

What is the Cost of Botox and Dysport?

Botox and Dysport in Fort Lauderdale are pretty much equal in price, depending on how much you need to achieve the look you want. Dysport may also be slightly less expensive than Botox in some cases. Neurotoxin cost is often calculated per unit, with Dysport averaging $4-$8 per unit and Botox averaging $11-$16 per unit. However, because of its chemical makeup, you may need more Dysport units to achieve the look you desire.

Are You Ready to Learn More?

Changing your look now and then is essential for your self-esteem. And what better way to accomplish this better than with a Botox or Dysport treatment in Fort Lauderdale. Now that you’ve learned more about the benefits of Botox and Dysport in Fort Lauderdale, isn’t it time you discover which one is right for you?  Today, to try a Dysport or Botox treatment, speak with one of our experienced aesthetic or medical team at (954) 324-2329. Take Shape Plastic Surgery offers a variety of surgical and non-surgical anti-aging treatments. Don’t wait until the holidays are here to find out how you can rejuvenate, renew, and recharge with one of our many popular treatments and procedures. Look your best at any age! Schedule your free consultation now at Take Shape Plastic Surgery.

Anti-Aging Procedures Fort Lauderdale, FL | Dysport | Med Spa | Botox
Here Are Some of the Top Most Effective Anti-Aging Procedures in Fort Lauderdale.

So many men and women in American often ask, “What are the most effective anti-aging procedures in Fort Lauderdale?” This is most likely because new products are often added, and existing products may improve, so wanting the latest and most effective products on the market makes sense.  As two of the most effective anti-aging procedures in the neurotoxin category,  Dysport and Botox work wonders without permanently changing the look of your face. In just minutes, these painless, non-invasive series of facial injections administered by your aesthetician or medical professional to your forehead and fine lines around your eyes work to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Dermal fillers like Restylane and Sculptra help to plump up the volume in your skin. To subtly enhance your looks, these amazing products leave you looking refreshed and ready to take on the day! 

Dysport vs. Botox

You’ve seen them advertised time and time again in the media, non-invasive ways to make fine lines and wrinkles temporarily vanish. For once, the media is on point. Both Dysport and Botox are effective types of Botulinum neurotoxin injections that have been used very effectively for decades to treat frown lines and some wrinkles to reveal smoother, more youthful-looking skin. Botox and Dysport contain a slightly different chemical variation of botulinum toxin, a protein produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. They work similarly by blocking nerve signals to your muscles and relaxing them. Much has been said and written about the use of both, and while they are considered equally effective, it’s best to research which product would be the right fit for you. Remember, everyone is different, and results can vary greatly from one person to another.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are an easy way to stave of the aging process by plumping up the volume in your lips and cheeks, as well as smoothing out lines around the mouth and nose, most commonly referred to as marionette lines, smile lines, and parentheses (nasolabial creases). The most advanced dermal fillers created today are designed to make subtle yet dramatic adjustments in your looks, so your face will appear more refreshed and youthful. Dermal fillers often referred to as injectable fillers, wrinkle fillers, or facial fillers, provide a natural-looking solution to restoring lost volume to many areas of the face and more. Dermal fillers like Restylane or Sculptra are an easy way to stave of the aging process by plumping up the volume in your lips and cheeks, as well as smoothing out lines around the mouth and nose, most commonly referred to as marionette lines, smile lines, and parentheses (nasolabial creases). The most advanced dermal fillers created today are designed to make subtle yet dramatic adjustments in your looks, so your face will appear more refreshed and youthful.

Med Spa Services

If you are looking for the best anti-aging procedures, you might be interested in some of the med spa services at Take Shape Plastic Surgery. We offer several skincare procedures that can leave you feeling refreshed and glowing. Chemical peels are the perfect way to refresh your skin, repair sun damage, and brighten a dull complexion. Chemical peels can also significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. When you’re looking to refresh and repair your skin, we suggest looking into our popular facials and microdermabrasion treatment. 

Get in Touch Today

Isn’t it time you did something wonderful for yourself that will last a lifetime? At Take Shape Plastic Surgery Med Spa in Fort Lauderdale, we offer surgical and non-surgical anti-aging treatments. Refresh your look and get back that youthful glow with one of our many popular treatments and procedures. Look your best at any age! Schedule your free cosmetic consultation with us today at (954) 585-3800. You’ll be glad you did!

Laser Hair Removal Fort Lauderdale, FL | Laser Hair Removal | Hair Elimination
Learn the Secrets to Successful Laser Hair Removal in Fort Lauderdale

If you are like thousands of successful women in Fort Lauderdale caring for kids and working at a full-time job, you know life can get a bit stressful. Often, we don’t take time for ourselves because we get wrapped up in our family’s needs. That’s why laser hair removal is such a great option. Imagine how your silky smooth, hair-free legs will feel? Laser hair removal lasts several years and can be accomplished in just a few short, pain-free sessions! It provides a great option for working mothers on the go. This blog will explore why laser hair removal has become such a popular way to eliminate unwanted hair for both men and women.

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal treatments target the hair follicle’s melanin (pigment) in its active growing phase. The laser’s energy is absorbed by the hair follicle, which destroys the hair, causing the hair to fall out, minimizing further growth. Most patients describe the laser’s feel as a short pinch, causing mild discomfort if any.

If you’ve had enough of the painful salon waxing sessions, home wax kits, and depilatories, and have a love-hate relationship with your tweezer, then maybe it’s time to try laser hair removal. Let’s face it — traditional methods of removing body hair can sometimes smell awful and be messy. Is there is a better way to have silky smooth, hair-free legs all of the time? The answer is yes. If you’ve been thinking about laser hair removal, then there is no time better than the present to reach out to the medical professionals at Take Shape Plastic Surgery.

Laser hair removal will boost your confidence.

With laser hair removal, you can expect to look great throughout the year, not just in the summer or at holiday time. No more having to worry about wearing your little black dress because whatever you decide to wear, you are going to look great and feel fantastic! Laser hair removal gives so many of our patients the confidence to wear that teeny bikini or sleeveless dress. Rest assured that you will feel better about yourself and your fashion choices.  Having unwanted hair in unsightly places can bring anyone down.

Say goodbye to razors and hello to saving money!

If you add up how many razors and razor blade refills you buy monthly, it can rack up a fair amount of money. With laser hair removal, you will be saving money on buying razors and razor refills!  

You won’t have to worry about ingrown hairs!

One of the worst things about shaving and waxing at the salon or with home waxing kits is dealing with painful ingrown hairs! That’s a common side effect of any waxing treatments that you do yourself or in a salon. At Take Shape Plastic Surgery, we specialize in making sure your procedure is stress-free and pain-free! 

Rest assured that when your hair is removed with one of our high-quality lasers, the experience is not unpleasant and, most importantly, quick.  

Ready to get in touch?

If you’re ready to try Laser Hair Removal in Fort Lauderdale at Take Shape Plastic Surgery, you should know that it may take a few sessions to acquire the smooth and supple result you want. Now that you’re a little more familiar with the procedure, why not call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation. Our team of skilled aestheticians and medical professionals can clear up any concerns and answer any questions you have. 

To discover more about laser hair removal in Fort Lauderdale, call (954) 324-2329 or visit our website at to learn more about our other spa and medical services and wellness treatments we offer.

take shape
How to Prepare for Transgender Surgery

Preparing for your transgender surgery in Florida can be scary. How do you know what to expect? What do you need to do before? What will you need to do after? What can you expect during the procedure? These are surgeries that not everyone has gone through, so it’s easy to have a plethora of questions. Fortunately, at Take Shape Plastic Surgery, we pride ourselves on offering a safe, welcoming environment for anyone in the process of transitioning. If you’ve been wondering what to expect, keep reading! 


What to Expect from Transgender Surgery in Florida 

First and foremost, it’s important to understand what kind of care you’ll receive when you work with the professionals at Take Shape Plastic Surgery. Transitioning can be a daunting endeavor, no matter who you are and how much support you have behind you. It’s very important that you know the people who are doing your procedure are there to protect you, care for you, and help you achieve your goals. The most important part, however, is that they do it with compassion and care. At Take Shape Plastic Surgery, we know how hard this process can be, which is why we’re dedicated to making sure that all of our clients feel safe and secure from the beginning to the end. 


Considering Children with Transgender Surgery in Florida 

A question many patients have is whether or not they want children, and if so, what they can do about it. Many transgender people decide to have fertility preservation prior to their surgery so that they can still conceive their own, biological children. Whether you’re looking to freeze your eggs, or you’re looking into a sperm bank, either are wonderful options before undergoing the procedure. 


How to Mentally Prepare

In addition to physically preparing for the surgery, mentally preparing is imperative. If you haven’t done so, we recommend talking to other individuals who have undergone the same surgery, as they’ll be able to tell you their experiences, tips, and thoughts on the process. This will help you to understand first-hand what it’s like pre-process and post-process. You’ll also want to have someone who is dedicated to taking care of you after the surgery. This will be a roll that will need to be filled for multiple days, and it will need to be someone who is willing to take you to your procedure and pick you up. You’ll also want to understand the after-care instructions prior so that you can have a better idea of what to expect post-appointment. 

Lastly, you’ll need to give your doctor pharmacy records, medical records, documentation, surgical readiness referral letters, prescription information, and insurance information. When you talk with your doctor, you can also talk about your mental health assessment, your long-term goals, and what you’re truly looking for in terms of your surgery outcomes, both short-term and long-term. 

After the surgery, you’ll need to follow up with your doctor to overview the results. This will also be a place where they’ll be able to answer any questions you might have or any concerns. Afterward, you might also consider things such as name changes, or pronoun changes. Of course, every bit of transitioning is a process that you are able to take at your own speed. The more research you can do, the easier it will be, as when we know what to expect, it makes the leap smoother.

If you’re looking for more information on what to expect from your transgender surgery in Florida, we recommend this page on our site: If you’d like to call us to discuss more, contact our team today at 954-324-2329, or visit our website at We’re here to help you reach your goals, and we’re here to do so with care, compassion, and ease.

Doctor Russell F. Sassani is an expert in cosmetic surgery of the face, plastic surgery of the breast, body contouring surgery, fat grafting with concentrated stem cells, and laser skin resurfacing.

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