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For over ten years, Take Shape Plastic Surgery, P.A. has specialized in plastic surgery and breast augmentation procedures in Plantation, Florida. Plastic surgery has definitely grown in popularity and acceptance as time progresses. Many celebrities are proud to say they have gotten work done and suggest it to their fans. While some procedures are more excessive and expensive than others, Take Shape Plastic Surgery, P.A. has cut down cost so more people can experience the option of plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery Procedures in plantation

Many believe that plastic surgery is purely cosmetic. But our client testimonials include confidence boosts after certain procedures as well as body comfortability. We offer many different procedures and tailor each one to fit your specific needs and wants. Feeling beautiful is something that every person should feel regardless of age and gender. The confidence boost you have been craving is right around the corner with one of our many procedures.

  • Body Procedures include: buttock augmentation by fat transfer, full body lifts, laser hair removal, liposuction, and tummy tucks. If you have been going to the gym and have not seen any results or you don’t have time in your busy schedule to pencil in a date with the gym, a body procedure might be for you. You also may have been seeing great results while working out, however you still have some left over skin hanging around. Regardless of the scenario, our procedures can help you reach the ideal body figure you have been striving for. For more information on the procedures lifted above, visit our site!
  • Breast Procedures include: breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reconstruction, and breast reduction. Sometimes we are bestowed with too much of a great thing. If your breasts are causing you back issues or you simply just need a little realigning in the chest area a breast reconstruction procedure is right up your alley. Occasionally we get the short end of the stick and don’t get much of a good thing. Wanting bigger sized breasts is something many women would love. Get the breasts you’ve always wanted with a breast augmentation, we’ll steer you in the right direction and make sure you are pleased with your results!
  • Facial Procedures come far and wide. We at Take Shape Plastic Surgery, P.A. specialize in brow lift procedures, Dysport/ Xeomin injections, ear surgery, eyelid surgery, face lift procedures, nose surgery, neck lifts, and injection fillers. No one is perfect, and everyone has their little flaws that get under their skin. If you have decided enough is enough and want to partake in a procedure to get that flaw removed, we can certainly help. Happiness begins with comfortability. Don’t be uncomfortable in your skin and schedule a consultation with one of our board certified plastic surgeons today.
  • Male Procedures include: male breast reduction, and pectoral implants. Many believe that body consciousness is a trait of only women, they are incorrect. Sometimes men need a boost in confidence as well or simply don’t have time to work on their body throughout the week. If you are wanting a change in appearance, our procedures will do wonders for your self- esteem. Your looks will be desired by both men and women!

Let us at Take Shape Plastic Surgery, P.A. assist you for all of your plastic surgery needs! Contact us today at (954) 585-3800. Or check out our website for before and after pictures of our past clients. You won’t be disappointed in what you see!

Doctor Russell F. Sassani is an expert in cosmetic surgery of the face, plastic surgery of the breast, body contouring surgery, fat grafting with concentrated stem cells, and laser skin resurfacing.

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