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Seven Common Myths About Liposuction Revealed.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that gets rid of unwanted fat from various parts of your body. A small incision is made, where fat is removed from the body, reshaping it to the form you desire. 


Though it seems pretty straightforward, this procedure is often met with fear and expectations that cannot be met.


We all have a little fat here or there that we would rather do without. Fortunately, Take Shape offers liposuction as an option to address this problem. Dr. Sassani would like to help you make an informed decision based on liposuction facts, not myths. 


Below we will discuss both to give you a better perspective on this very common procedure.


Dr. Russell Sassani is a board-certified plastic surgeon. His expertise covers every procedure available for plastic surgery. He will discuss with you the goals you have and available options. We cater our services for patients from Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach and from Lauderdale by the Sea to Plantation Acres and beyond.

Myth # 1: Liposuction was designed to help you lose weight.

This myth is the most common misconception in plastic surgery. The truth of the matter is; it is not for you if you are trying to lose weight. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, this surgery is best suited for people who are within 30 percent of the range of their desired weight. 


Liposuction was designed to remove extra fat that diet and exercise cannot get rid of. You should wait to choose this procedure after losing weight, not before. Change your exercise and diet plan as well as consult your physician if you cannot reach your ideal weight.

Myth #2: Recovery after surgery is painful.

The truth is that you might experience some mild discomfort after treatment. However, Dr. Sassani utilizes the most advanced procedures that will not cause you pain. 


With some simple procedures, many patients can immediately return to work. If more than one location is addressed, you will be able to do crunchies in just a few days.

Myth #3: Liposuction results are instant.

Liposuction does immediately remove fat, but the results will not be noticed right away. Your body has to heal itself before bouncing back to your swimsuit shape. It often takes a few weeks or months for you to be able to appreciate the true results in the mirror.


Be patient and don’t assume your surgery was a failure. You can always consult with Dr. Sassani if you have any concerns about your recovery time.

Myth #4: My skin will hang loose after liposuction.

Your skin is filled with elastic properties, allowing it to conform to your slimmer contours after the body has healed. The exception is if you lose a large amount of fat. This is not possible from the amount of fat that can be removed from liposuction alone. 


Combining weight loss from diet and exercise prior to your procedure and liposuction can result in sagging skin. This varies from patient to patient, and we can only estimate how your skin will react to the procedure. Many of your concerns will be addressed during your initial consultation so you’ll know what’s best ahead of time.

Myth #5: Liposuction is dangerous.

While any medical surgery carries risks, modern-day liposuction is very safe. Dr. Sassani is definitely someone you can trust to provide you with the safest methods and practices for your treatment.

Myth #6: Men don’t get liposuction.

Liposuction has been one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in recent years. While some people think that only women are candidates for the surgery, it’s long been one of the more popular procedures with men.


The areas that are commonly treated are usually different for men and women. While women most often want to remove fat from their thighs and hips, men commonly focus on the stomach area, such as the love handles, and even the area under the chin.

Myth #7: After liposuction, the fat will just go to other areas of my body.

Your body does not create new fat cells to compensate for the ones that have been removed. You will however have more fat cells in untreated areas than the parts of your body that were treated.


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Liposuction South Florida | Liposuction Surgery Near Me
What to Do Before and After Liposuction

Liposuction is a common cosmetic procedure to remove stubborn fat from areas that have not responded to diet and exercise. It’s a surgical procedure that involves a suction technique to remove fat from specific areas of the body, including the abdomen, arms, and neck. In addition to removing fat from different parts of the body, it also shapes and contours. 

Liposuction is a good way to remove fat, but it’s up to you to make the right choices after the procedure to ensure the results are permanent. In this article, we’ll explain how you can make your Liposuction in Fort Lauderdale more effective before and after surgery.

Before Surgery, You Should: 

Avoid Harmful Medications 

There are certain medications that you should avoid before your surgery. Your plastic surgeon will give you advice on what not to take, so be sure to follow his/her advice closely. 

Certain medications, supplements, and vitamins can increase your risk of complications after surgery. Common complications caused by certain harmful medications include excessive bleeding and high blood pressure. It is advised to avoid the following medications before your liposuction in Fort Lauderdale:

  • Aspirin
  • All NSAIDs, such as ibuprofen
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Herbal therapies, such as ginseng and elderberry

You will meet with your plastic surgeon for a liposuction consultation, at which time you can ask what is safe to take and what to avoid. During your consultation, you should also inform your plastic surgeon about your medical history, prior surgeries, and any medication you are taking. 

Avoid Smoking 

Smoking before surgery puts you at higher risk of postoperative complications, such as heart attacks, bleeding, blood clots, and many other health issues. It is recommended to stop smoking one month before your procedure and don’t resume smoking until at least one month after your procedure. If you smoke during your recovery process, this can delay healing. You should avoid any form of nicotine, including nicotine patches.

Eat Healthier 

Consuming a healthy diet can improve your health which, in turn, helps you to heal better. It also increases skin elasticity, which helps your skin snap back in place after your liposuction in Fort Lauderdale. This is especially important if you’re targeting your neck and abdomen, areas of the body that are prone to looseness. Whenever possible, incorporate more antioxidant-rich foods into your diets, such as berries, nuts, and healthy oils. It also helps to eat foods high in water, like cucumber, and watermelon.

After Surgery, You Should: 

Wear Compression Garment

A compression garment is a piece of clothing that fits tightly around your skin. Your plastic surgeon will advise you to wear one while you’re healing to help reshape the treated area. For cosmetic reasons, it is advised to wear because it reduces the chances of your skin wrinkling and sagging. For healing purposes, it reduces swelling, which allows you to recover quicker. As a result, a compression garment is a very important part of the healing process. 

In general, for the first three weeks, you should wear your compression garment throughout the day except when showering. Your plastic surgeon should instruct you on exactly how long to wear it.

Start Exercising and Eat Healthy

After your hi-definition liposuction in Fort Lauderdale, you are advised to start exercising to improve your results. Start your routine roughly two weeks after your surgery. Keep in mind, though, it is not advised to take on a rigorous routine, such as jogging. Short walks to get your heart rate up is a good start. Talk to your plastic surgeon about when you should start exercising and what types of exercises are safe.

Once again, it’s important to eat a healthy diet after surgery. Eat foods high in protein, fiber, and other important nutrients. Try to avoid processed foods and foods that are high in sugar.

Contact Take Shape Plastic Surgery 

At Take Shape Plastic Surgery, we utilize the latest technology to provide our patients with the safest and healthiest cosmetic procedures available. Our staff of certified surgeons is committed to the care and comfort of all our patients. We ensure that every patient’s experience at Take Shape is a positive one. Contact Take Shape Plastic Surgery today by calling us to schedule an appointment.

Breast Augmentation Florida | Breast Procedure | Breast Surgeon
Here’s What You Need to Know About Choosing a Plastic Surgeon for Your Breast Augmentation

Having your breasts enlarged is a big decision, so it’s important to find a highly qualified surgeon to perform the procedure. Although breast augmentation is straightforward, it is a surgical procedure that comes with a few risks. By choosing a plastic surgeon who is qualified and trustworthy, you do your part to significantly minimize risk. There is a lot to look for in a plastic surgeon. Here, we review what you should look for when choosing a candidate for your breast augmentation in Florida.

Board Certified 

Your first step is to review the plastic surgeon’s credentials. The most important thing to look for in a plastic surgeon is someone who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons. This means that he or she has undergone extensive training in the field of plastic surgery. 

Any doctor can perform a cosmetic procedure, such as breast augmentation in Florida. That does not make them an ideal candidate for the job. Choosing a board-certified surgeon, like Dr. Russell Sassani of Take Shape, better ensures the procedure is performed safely and that you receive the desired results.

Experience in Breast Augmentation

Find a plastic surgeon who frequently performs breast augmentations, and then make sure the results of his previous procedures match what you want to achieve. You can do this by reviewing the “before and after” pictures on the company’s website. When looking through their pictures, make sure you find someone who has a similar shape to yours, similar challenges, and a similar end result. This gives you a good idea of how your procedure will go.

If you are interested in being a candidate for breast augmentation in Florida, consider the surgeons at Take Shape Plastic Surgery. Our surgeons are some of the most knowledgeable in South Florida. They provide patients with a wonderful experience and have the track record to prove it. For example. Dr. Sassani is experienced in plastic surgery of the breast and sees patients from many different walks of life. He has performed several procedures in Florida with amazing results. If you are interested in breast augmentation in Fort Lauderdale, you’re encouraged to view our “before and after” pictures and schedule a free cosmetic consultation.

Talk to Previous Patients 

Ask to speak with previous patients who have had successful results with the plastic surgeon you’re considering. You can take your research a step further and check doctor review sites to see if anyone has made a complaint about the plastic surgeon. Although most websites offer patient testimonials, they may not tell the entire story. 

Ask Questions 

Once you have a few plastic surgeons you’re considering, schedule individual consultations to speak with each of them. They should be able to answer any questions you may have, and you should feel confident with the answers provided. If you don’t feel comfortable with the plastic surgeon, or it’s not easy to establish dialogue, find somebody else. It’s important that you feel completely confident in your decision. After all, you want to know that you are in good hands and that the surgeon performing the procedure is one you can trust. Make sure you go to the consultation prepared with a list of questions.

Ask questions about the surgeon and the facility:

  • What certifications do you have?
  • Were you specifically trained in the field of plastic/cosmetic surgery?
  • How many years of plastic/cosmetic surgery do you have?
  • Is the office-based surgical facility accredited by a nationally- or state-recognized accrediting agency?
  • Where will you perform the breast augmentation surgery?

Ask questions about the procedure and recovery:

  • What are the risks and complications associated with the procedure, and how are they handled?
  • What can I do to get the best results during the procedure?
  • Will I be expected to have additional implant-related operations? How many?
  • How long will the recovery period last, and what can I do for a successful recovery?

Contact Take Shape for Your Breast Augmentation

If you are interested in breast augmentation in Florida, call Take Shape today. Our team is among the best in South Florida and our team has a track record of successful plastic and cosmetic procedures. We are dedicated to ensuring you have an incredible experience whenever you visit. Contact Take Shape today for a free cosmetic or elective consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Mommy MakeoverSouth Florida | Plastic Surgeon Near Me | Plastic Surgery
A Few FAQs About Getting A Mommy Makeover.

Having a baby is easily one of the most remarkable experiences a woman can have in her life. Your heart will open up and your perspective on life will change. That being said, after childbirth, you may not feel like yourself. Along with that, you may also no longer be happy with your body and the way it makes you feel. A little mommy makeover with plastic surgery may be the right answer.


Losing a little self esteem because of your body image is perfectly normal. Many South Florida moms choose to treat themselves to a Mommy Makeover, giving them the boost of confidence they need. 


Dr. Russell Sassani is a board-certified plastic surgeon who can help with this. 


His expertise covers every procedure you may choose to have a mommy makeover and give you back your beautiful body. He will discuss with you the goals you have and available options. We cater our services to moms from Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach. From Lauderdale by the Sea to Plantation Acres and beyond. Now let’s review some mommy makeover FAQs.

What Are The Procedures For A Mommy Makeover?

Every woman’s body is unique and will react differently after giving birth. Your plastic surgery options will vary depending on what your needs are. Three of the most common mommy makeover procedures are:


A tummy tuck could be all that you need. Being pregnant causes your skin to stretch and grow at an alarming rate. The sudden change after childbirth leaves you with more skin and a bit of fat than you need or want. This procedure also tightens your abdominal muscles. We will remove both of the extra skin and fat, leaving you with a well-toned and flat tummy. 

Breast Augmentation / Breast Lift

Your mommy makeover might include one or both of these plastic surgery options after your consultation. A breast augmentation will enhance the shape, texture and size of your breasts. A breast lift will reshape and resize your breast and can also reduce the size of the areola.


The benefits of liposuction could be part of the solution for your mommy makeover. We will sculpt and shape you back to your pre-baby body by removing any unwanted fat. This procedure can be performed on just about any part of your body, from cheeks to knees!

How Long Is Recovery Time For A Mommy Makeover?

Plastic surgery recovery really depends on which procedures you and the team at Take Shape Plastic Surgery decide on. You could go home the very same day or Dr. Sassani may recommend an overnight stay in some cases. Your actual recovery time will usually take anywhere from one to four weeks.

Will My Mommy Makeover Scars Be Visible?

Dr. Sassani is a highly respected surgeon in the field of plastic surgery. His ability to minimize scarring is one of the reasons South Florida moms turn to him for a mommy makeover. He will choose the best location and use the smallest incisions possible to minimize visibility. The team at Take Shape will also provide you with solutions to help you eliminate or reduce scarring after plastic surgery.

When Should I Choose To Get A Mommy Makeover?

The easy answer is when you are done having children. Having another baby after a tummy tuck procedure could result in the second plastic surgery results not being as good as the first. We recommend you wait at least six months after breastfeeding as well. This will allow for time to let the shape and size of your breasts stabilize.


We Can Help!

Take Shape Plastic Surgery will help you decide what the best mommy makeover options are for you. We offer virtual consultations to make life easier and get you on the road to a better body. And it’s not just mommy makeovers, our surgical and non-surgical plastic surgery options cannot be compared.


Take Shape Plastic Surgery Center is located in Plantation, FL.

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Liposuction South Florida | Liposuction Surgery Near Me
Why You Might Want a Tummy Tuck

It may not the right approach for you to do excessive amounts of sit-ups and crunches to lose a little extra bulge. Another option for you is a tummy tuck if you want to take a permanent and less difficult route to tighten your belly. Liposuction can also be coupled with a tummy tuck to help compliment your overall look. There are many reasons that you may choose one. You can work with a talented surgeon to help you achieve your beautification goals.

Which Tummy Tuck is Right For Me?

Also known as abdominoplasty, there are different types of tummy tucks. Figuring out which one suits your needs may require a doctor’s consultation. To find out which tummy tuck is the right one for you is through locating where excess skin is.

The Mini Tummy Tuck 

This is the option for you when you only have a small amount of fatty tissue or excess skin. It is a far less invasive procedure than the other tummy tuck surgeries. This is for fat found right below the belly button. You might choose this option if you have excess fat you just simply can’t get rid of. A small incision will be placed right above your pubic area to remove this fat. The scarring is a lot less than other abdominoplasty surgical procedures. Recovery time is a lot shorter and can range for up to a week or two. 

The Full Tummy Tuck

You can choose this approach if you have weak abdominal muscles in the stomach area and too much skin is collected around your navel. This helps you when you have too much fat around the belly button on all sides. This surgery is more invasive and requires an incision that is horizontal between the hipbones. Another incision will be placed around the belly button if necessary. The plastic surgeon will pull down the loose skin and cut off the excess you don’t need. This may help out with any flabby tissue that hangs after you have gone from being medically obese to in shape. You may find that liposuction is applied in this procedure as well. This is because you may choose to flatten your stomach some more so that it has a smoother appearance without all the additional cellulite. Sometimes the liposuction is used to help contour the fat for aesthetic purposes. The surgeon will reposition the belly button before they close up all of the incisions with sutures. The recovery period for this surgery is longer and can take around two weeks in total. 


The Extended Tummy Tuck

You may choose this type of tummy tuck because the full tummy tuck doesn’t cover all of your needs. Typically, this is if you have unwanted skin on not only your stomach but also your hips, lower back, and side. For this style of tummy tuck, the horizontal incision you would see in a full tummy tuck would be extended. This incision is stretched along the lower side of your belly. This incision then wraps around the hips. For the back, the surgeon may insert an additional vertical incision to reach other areas. For you to have all unwanted tissue removed, this larger area allows for the doctor to work across more of your body in a most efficient matter. Again, if you want additional fat removed so that you can have a smoother appearance across your entire torso, liposuction may be applied in this instance. Because this surgery is more invasive you may have a longer recovery period. It can take a few weeks for you to return back to your normal way of living. 


Learn More About Abdominoplasty

It may be new and different for you when you get started with a tummy tuck procedure. Our experienced surgeons can walk you through that path to help you make a sound decision and provide additional information about the tummy tuck recovery process. Contact Take Shape Plastic Surgery today for a free consultation. 

Breast Augmentation Florida | Breast Augmentation Near Me | Breast Augmentation Specialist
Here Are Six Reasons for a Breast Augmentation in Florida

There are numerous cosmetic procedures that can be done every year, but the most popular cosmetic procedure within the United States is breast augmentation. This procedure is highly sought after for multiple reasons and continues to rank as the number one desired procedure year after year. At Take Shape Plastic Surgery, we understand that breast augmentation can be scary to think about, as you’re applying a change to the visual aesthetics of your body. However, we’ve also seen how hundreds of patients have been incredibly grateful for the opportunity to feel more secure in their skin. Keep reading to learn more about the top six reasons for a breast augmentation procedure. 

  • Self-Confidence 

One of the biggest reasons people decide to undergo a breast augmentation service is because of their lack of self-confidence. They also find that some clothing pieces are difficult to wear and that finding clothes can be frustrating for them. Having a breast augmentation is more than a service for aesthetic purposes, but rather a life-changing visual shift in the way a person identifies with themselves. We give men and women the bodies they’ve always wanted, using the safe and effective tools we have to make it happen. With this new body comes a sense of self-security and more self-confidence. 

  • Reductions 

Sometimes, breast augmentation isn’t about adding elements in, but rather removing them. For women who were born with larger breasts than they’d like, a breast reduction is a desirable procedure. Not only does removing the extra fat make them feel lighter, but it also aids in making them feel more self-confident. They too find that because of their larger breasts, certain clothes are challenging for them to wear. They may also have back pain due to the weight of their breasts. As mentioned above, not all breast augmentations are about aesthetics, so much as they are about increasing one’s sense of self-confidence and comfort. 

  • Proportions 

Some individuals feel that their breasts are not proportionate with the rest of their bodies. They may feel that the lower half of their body and the top is misaligned, causing frustrations when it comes to getting dressed. For example, someone with a curvier bottom half may feel that a smaller chest doesn’t fit. Someone with a more linear bottom half may feel that their large breasts are distracting. Either way, a breast augmentation can help with proportions and the overall appearance of your body as a whole.

  • Breast Asymmetry 

Did you know that some women in the world feel that their breasts are a different size or placed higher than the other? While this may seem insignificant to some, it can be very frustrating for those who are self-conscious of this issue. Fortunately, a breast augmentation can help with symmetry, easily helping them feel more confident about their breasts. 

  • Mastectomy 

Last, but not least, a mastectomy is one of the biggest reasons women seek out a plastic surgeon in regard to breast augmentation. Battling breast cancer is hard enough as it is, and when a mastectomy is in order, it can make women feel as though they’ve lost a part of their femininity. Fortunately, breast construction services are available to help women regain what they feel they may have lost.

  • Pregnancy 

Some women prefer to have a breast augmentation procedure after their pregnancies, because of the way the breasts change throughout the process of pregnancy and motherhood. Generally, the skin can stretch, making women self-conscious of their new bodies. A breast augmentation procedure can help women to feel more confident, more self-secure, and more familiar with bodies by restoring their breasts to what they remember them as pre-pregnancy. 


Take Shape Can Help!

If you’re looking for a plastic surgeon specializing in a breast augmentation in Florida, you’re in the right place! At Take Shape Plastic Surgery, we’ve been in the industry for years, making us professionals in our field. Whether you’re looking for body procedures, breast procedures, or facial procedures, we have what you’re looking for. Contact our team today at 954-324-2329 to see how we can help you love your new body!

Anti-Aging Procedures Fort Lauderdale, FL | Dysport | Med Spa | Botox
Trust the Best Plastic Surgeon in Fort Lauderdale

When it comes to plastic surgery, it’s important to know that you have a professional on your side. Having anyone less than a board-certified plastic surgeon handles your surgery could leave you extremely surprised and unhappy. At Take Shape Plastic Surgery, Dr. Russell Sassani was trained in plastic surgery, making him an expert in his field.


Dr. Sassani is also an expert in areas of particular interest including, but not limited to, breast augmentation, body contouring, and laser skin resurfacing. Welcoming all areas of life, at Take Shape Plastic Surgery, we know what we’re doing. We offer many services to those who are looking for plastic surgery options.


Breast Augmentation

For those who are looking to enlarge the size of their breasts, this one’s for you. Making them exactly as you’d like, with whatever silicone and saline implant you’d like. We also offer breast reductions for those who feel their breasts are too large or heavy. Breast reductions help give clients less back pain, and an easier time with breathing. Another option is having a breast lift. This is a popular choice for those who are feeling the effects of gravity.



Otherwise known as a face-lift this procedure is designed to reduce wrinkles and sagging skin on the face caused by aging or weight loss. A facelift removes excess skin and tightens the underlying muscles. It repositions the skin in a higher position. A face-lift may boost your self-confidence. A face-lift can be performed in combination with other cosmetic procedures, such as a brow lift or eyelid surgery.



As an option for those who want to reshape their body, liposuction and body sculpting are perfect. This allows you to feel comfortable in your own skin and can give you the shape you’ve always dreamed of.


At Take Shape Plastic Surgery, we know how important it is to feel comfortable and secure. That’s why we’ve dedicated our career to giving people a new sense of self-confidence. When we feel good in our bodies, we feel good about ourselves. If you’re looking to have cosmetic surgery done, no matter what kind, hiring a professional is a must. Dr. Sassani, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Fort Lauderdale is here to help you achieve those dreams. Call to schedule a consultation today.

Breast Reduction Fort Lauderdale | Breast Reduction Near Me | Breast Reduction
What Should You Know About Breast Reduction Pocedures in Fort Lauderdale?

Women with large breasts often consider a breast reduction in Fort Lauderdale for many reasons. The extra weight that comes with large breasts can strain their backs, necks, and even legs. Fortunately, there are options out there for individuals who want to take their breast size down. At Take Shape Plastic Surgery, we realize that having large breasts can be complicated and we provide solutions to assist with these challenges. Not only are they occasionally painful, but they can leave rashes, be difficult during workouts, and it’s harder to find clothing. Some people also feel that their large breast sizes are unproportionate to the rest of their bodies, and some people simply would like to have their breast size reduced. These are just a few reasons why one might consider having the procedure, but whatever your reason for considering a breast reduction, here’s what you should know.


Feeling Better with a Breast Reduction in Fort Lauderdale 

It’s no surprise that those who undergo this procedure generally emerge with a sense of self-confidence in ways they haven’t experienced. However, it’s also important to note that though this procedure has a high satisfaction rating, it’s not a procedure to take lightly. There is downtime required, and it’s not always comfortable. Professionals tell their patients to take a few days away from work or activities so that they can properly rest. It may take about two weeks for patients to feel completely back to normal. 


Two Cup Size Reductions 

Some individuals coming in hoping that they’ll be able to go down multiple cup sizes, however, with a breast reduction, there are limited expectations to what’s possible. Generally, professionals recommend going down two cup sizes. Anything below that may not be best for the aesthetic outcomes one has in their mind. It’s always a good idea to trust the experts when it comes to what’s possible, as following their years of knowledge and expertise can get patients where they ultimately want to go. 


Breast Reductions and Lifts Go Hand-in-Hand 

When you have a breast reduction, you’re also going to be getting a breast lift. The reason being is that large breasts tend to be heavier, and due to gravity, they tend to sit lower on the chest. When you reduce your cup sizes, your breasts are lifted in order to have the visual appeal and proportions that will look most natural. So you won’t have to worry about your breast reduction needing a second procedure or something similar.


Contact Us Today!

If you’re ready for your breast reduction in Fort Lauderdale, look no further. At Take Shape Plastic Surgery, we pride ourselves in helping our clients feeling satisfied and complete after their desired procedures. We know that having any type of surgery can be scary, but we also know that with a 95% satisfaction rating for breast reduction procedures, you’ll be thankful that you had it. Start to feel better, look better, and experience more confidence. Your body will feel lighter, and you’ll also feel more agile. In addition to breast augmentations, we also offer body procedures, breast augmentations, facial procedures, and so much more. From chemical peels, to liposuction, to breast reductions, we have what you need to look and feel your best. With Dr. Sassani on your side, anything is possible! Contact a member from our team today at 954-324-2329.

Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Procedures
Give the Gift of an Anti-Aging Treatment on Valentine’s Day  

Valentine’s Day is here and it’s time to make dinner plans as well as come up with the perfect gift for our loves one. So, why not give the gift that never goes out of style and will really be appreciated. At Take Shape Plastic Surgery, we think there’s no better gift than looking and feeling you’re very best at any age. If you’re interested in a gift that will boost your confidence, make you look and feel younger and improve your health, visit our cosmetic surgery practice in South Florida!

What anti-aging procedures will work best for me?

At Take Shape Plastic Surgery, we offer a wide range of the most effective surgical and non-surgical anti-aging procedures available today. Understanding which procedure will work best for you can often be a challenge. That’s why it’s best to speak with one of our experienced medical team at Take Shape Plastic Surgery to understand your options. Some of the procedures we offer include:

Brow Lift

Neck Lift

Eyelift surgery


Chemical Peels


Laser Treatments

Breast Augmentation

Botox/Dysport Injections

Dermal Facial Fillers like Juvederm or Sculptera

Depending on your desired results, our cosmetic surgeon may suggest combining several procedures to achieve your desired anti-aging goals. For example, if you’re searching for “where can I find the best anti-aging procedures?” on the Internet, there may be several procedures that will be right for you. We may combine a brow lift with eyelid surgery or even recommend some facial relaxers like Botox or Dysport to help you achieve a more natural-looking result.

Give the gift of our medical spa services

If you are looking for the best anti-aging procedures then you might be interested in some of our med spa services. Pampering yourself on Valentine’s Day starts by visiting our med spa team at Take Shape Plastic Surgery. We offer a number of skin care procedures that can leave you feeling refreshed and glowing. Our chemical peels are the perfect way to awaken your skin by getting rid of age spots, sun damage and to energize a dull complexion. Chemical peels can also significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. When you’re looking to refresh and repair your skin, we suggest looking into our microdermabrasion treatment.

What about non-surgical refinishing treatments?

While cosmetic surgery can give you an immediate youthful boost, there are also affordable anti-aging procedures that can often help repair your aging skin and give it a healthy glow. Refinishing treatments are often more affordable than other non-surgical anti-aging treatments. Surface treatments like Retin-A and glycolic acid treatments are effective anti-aging options for patients who have fine lines and blotchy skin. It can also mend sun damage you were affected by in your youth. While refinishing treatments aren’t as effective as chemical peels and laser resurfacing options, they can give your skin a smoother and healthier appearance for a fraction of the cost.

Where can I find out more about the best anti-aging procedures?

When you’re ready to explore the most effective anti-aging procedures the cosmetic surgeon at Take Shape Plastic Surgery are here to help. Valentine’s Day is the best day to treat yourself! Call us at (954) 324-2329 to schedule your free consultation.

Doctor Russell F. Sassani is an expert in cosmetic surgery of the face, plastic surgery of the breast, body contouring surgery, fat grafting with concentrated stem cells, and laser skin resurfacing.

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