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Why You Might Want a Tummy Tuck

It may not the right approach for you to do excessive amounts of sit-ups and crunches to lose a little extra bulge. Another option for you is a tummy tuck if you want to take a permanent and less difficult route to tighten your belly. Liposuction can also be coupled with a tummy tuck to help compliment your overall look. There are many reasons that you may choose one. You can work with a talented surgeon to help you achieve your beautification goals.

Which Tummy Tuck is Right For Me?

Also known as abdominoplasty, there are different types of tummy tucks. Figuring out which one suits your needs may require a doctor’s consultation. To find out which tummy tuck is the right one for you is through locating where excess skin is.

The Mini Tummy Tuck 

This is the option for you when you only have a small amount of fatty tissue or excess skin. It is a far less invasive procedure than the other tummy tuck surgeries. This is for fat found right below the belly button. You might choose this option if you have excess fat you just simply can’t get rid of. A small incision will be placed right above your pubic area to remove this fat. The scarring is a lot less than other abdominoplasty surgical procedures. Recovery time is a lot shorter and can range for up to a week or two. 

The Full Tummy Tuck

You can choose this approach if you have weak abdominal muscles in the stomach area and too much skin is collected around your navel. This helps you when you have too much fat around the belly button on all sides. This surgery is more invasive and requires an incision that is horizontal between the hipbones. Another incision will be placed around the belly button if necessary. The plastic surgeon will pull down the loose skin and cut off the excess you don’t need. This may help out with any flabby tissue that hangs after you have gone from being medically obese to in shape. You may find that liposuction is applied in this procedure as well. This is because you may choose to flatten your stomach some more so that it has a smoother appearance without all the additional cellulite. Sometimes the liposuction is used to help contour the fat for aesthetic purposes. The surgeon will reposition the belly button before they close up all of the incisions with sutures. The recovery period for this surgery is longer and can take around two weeks in total. 


The Extended Tummy Tuck

You may choose this type of tummy tuck because the full tummy tuck doesn’t cover all of your needs. Typically, this is if you have unwanted skin on not only your stomach but also your hips, lower back, and side. For this style of tummy tuck, the horizontal incision you would see in a full tummy tuck would be extended. This incision is stretched along the lower side of your belly. This incision then wraps around the hips. For the back, the surgeon may insert an additional vertical incision to reach other areas. For you to have all unwanted tissue removed, this larger area allows for the doctor to work across more of your body in a most efficient matter. Again, if you want additional fat removed so that you can have a smoother appearance across your entire torso, liposuction may be applied in this instance. Because this surgery is more invasive you may have a longer recovery period. It can take a few weeks for you to return back to your normal way of living. 


Learn More About Abdominoplasty

It may be new and different for you when you get started with a tummy tuck procedure. Our experienced surgeons can walk you through that path to help you make a sound decision and provide additional information about the tummy tuck recovery process. Contact Take Shape Plastic Surgery today for a free consultation. 

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How Does Hi-Definition Liposuction Work?

Seeking Liposuction in Fort Lauderdale is a personal decision. Everyone has their own reasons for considering getting a little extra help for slimmer arms, a more defined waist, or more sculpted legs. No matter what your reason for getting Liposuction, being informed before you make a final decision is important. Because of the advancements in cosmetic technology and techniques, getting the results you want is easier and safer than ever before. Even so, it’s important to have realistic expectations and understand the entire process before you get this outpatient procedure.

What is Liposuction?

Most people think Liposuction in Fort Lauderdale is a way to lose weight without having to hit the gym. Though it is often used to help address some problem areas, it is not a weight loss procedure. Instead, Liposuction focuses on improving the contour of one’s body – giving you the silhouette you want. Whether you’re struggling with stubborn lower belly fat, want help slimming your hips, thighs, or other areas, Liposuction can help you achieve the figure you’ve always wanted.

Unlike other cells which can be regenerated indefinitely, there are only a certain number of fat cells in the body. Therefore, when one gains or loses weight, the number of cells does not change, just their size. Different people carry fat deposits in different areas of the body, which may prove difficult to reduce through diet and exercise. Dr. Sassani at Take Shape Plastic Surgery is able to target these areas and remove fat through various methods, such as Hi-Definition Liposuction in Fort Lauderdale.

What is Hi-Definition Liposuction?

In the simplest terms, this technique uses targeted sound wave technology to liquify fat deposits within the body before removal through a suction procedure. Hi-Definition Liposuction is gentler on the body than traditional methods of fat removal, allowing for a faster recovery period and less overall discomfort. This method also allows for precise contouring, giving you the figure you want.

Who Qualifies for Hi-Definition Liposuction in Fort Lauderdale?

Liposuction may not be right for everyone. The ideal candidate is someone who is at or close to their weight goal and looking for definition rather than weight loss. Clients should have realistic expectations of the results as well as be able to adhere to instructions regarding recovery. It can take three to six months to see the final results. Additionally, Hi-Definition Liposuction in Fort Lauderdale may not be possible for clients with lower total body fat, because this procedure involves the permanent removal of fat cells. People with low fat percentages may need to seek different options.

What Can I Expect During Hi-Definition Liposuction with Take Shape Plastic Surgery?

Beginning with your free consultation, our team at Take Shape Plastic Surgery is dedicated to your comfort, safety, and satisfaction. We will guide you through the entire decision-making process, including vital information about the process and recovery. Our surgeon, Dr. Sassani, will take your specific concerns into consideration during your physical assessment. Dr. Sassani is certified by the American Board Of Plastic Surgeons and is a top cosmetic plastic surgeon in the industry. He will make sure you are a good candidate for Hi-Definition Liposuction, and we can schedule your procedure at your earliest convenience. As an outpatient cosmetic procedure, Liposuction is conducted under general anesthesia. During your procedure, Dr. Sassani will use specialized ultrasound technology to break up the fat cells, which makes the extraction easier. This method allows for more targeted treatments. The next step is extraction, which is done using a small catheter.

Following the procedure, it’s important to follow your recovery guidelines fully. You may be required to wear compression garments to prevent blood clots and decrease swelling, or you may require drainage from incisions for the first few days following your surgery. You may need to take some time off of work or require some assistance after your procedure. For more information about Hi-Definition Liposuction and other options for getting the figure you want, contact us today!

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