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A med spa in Fort Lauderdale provides patients with a relaxing experience while also helping them achieve their cosmetic goals. Whether you want to get injectables or lay back and renew your skin with a facial, there are many options for patients to choose between at Take Shape Plastic Surgery.

Not sure if a med spa is right for you? 

Continue reading to learn more about our many procedures and what to expect when you come into our medical spa. You might find that there’s a cosmetic procedure that you have wanted to get for some time now.

Medical Spas vs. Traditional Spas

Medical spas take everything you know and love about traditional spas but add in more procedures. Many of these spas, including Take Shape Medical Spa, are run by a medical doctor, ensuring you undergo cosmetic procedures and treatments with care. 

You have many more options, or you can stick with something you routinely know. Either way, at a medical spa, you get the complete spa experience.

Who Should Consider a Medical Spa?

Anyone who wants to go to the spa should consider instead going to a medical spa. At a medical spa, you get to have all of the benefits of a traditional spa, but with medical professionals doing the procedures. You also can get a medical professional’s expert opinion before jumping into anything. 

Those who have never undergone any procedure or cosmetic treatment might also feel more comfortable in a medical spa environment. Some people get nervous about making drastic changes through surgery and injectables, and others simply might be nervous about undergoing a chemical facial. 


Either way, peace of mind is valuable, along with comfort. At a med spa in Fort Lauderdale, there are all types of reassurance available from experienced medical professionals. 

What Non-Surgical Procedures Are Available?

Whether you have had your mind made up on getting a surgical procedure or not, it never hurts to know all of your options. Tons of non-surgical treatments and procedures can give you similar results and at a more affordable price. 


Even if you are set on undergoing the procedure, talking to a doctor can reaffirm that. But, if you are curious about non-surgical procedures, Take Shape Plastic Surgery has you covered. 


Some of what we offer are facials, injectables, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, IPL treatment, laser hair removal, hair transplant, and lip enhancement with Alloderm.

What Surgical Procedures Are Available?

If you think you are set on some non-surgical options, you might still want to hear more about the surgical options. You never know the impact going under a procedure can have and what the results could be. 


Sometimes, injectables are a great option, but other times, it’s too temporary for people who want something more permanent. If you are on the fence, contact our med spa in Fort Lauderdale so we can give you more information. 


Our doctor can answer all of your questions and fill you in on what you need to know. Some of our surgical procedures are gender reassignment, breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, body contouring, breast reduction, facelift, facial implants, brow lift, eyelid surgery, and more.

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At your consultation, you can learn more about any procedure or treatment you have your eyes on. Our staff will fill you in on what you need to know and let you know what procedure is best for you!

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