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As we get older, our eyelids can significantly droop, making us look tired, or continuously unhappy. Drooping eyelids can also interfere with your vision. Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, is primarily done to remove extra and unnecessary skin. During eyelid surgery in Fort Lauderdale, your eyes are reshaped by modifying the skin, fat or muscles around them. When surgery is complete, your eyes look wider, fuller and younger.

Are you a candidate for eyelid surgery in Fort Lauderdale?  

If you are in overall good health and understand what eyelid surgery can do to improve your look, you are likely a candidate. At Take Shape Plastic Surgery, our fully-equipped facility safely performs eyelid surgery.  

What to Expect from Eyelid Surgery In Fort Lauderdale  

Eyelid surgery can take about two to three hours to perform and requires anesthesia. Following eyelid surgery, you will need to have a driver accompany you from the appointment. It’s also best to have a visitor stay with your overnight as a precaution. Eyelid surgery can take several days to heal, so you should make appropriate plans to lay low for the next week or two. Having a specific collection of helpful healing tools such as ice cubes, eye drops, and painkillers may prove to be beneficial as well.  

Why Choose Take Shape Plastic Surgery to Perform Eyelid Surgery In Fort Lauderdale  

Though there are many reasons to choose Take Shape Plastic Surgery for your eyelid surgery, the number one reason the amazing results you’ll experience. Years will disappear, and you’ll have a brighter, rejuvenated and younger-looking appearance. We  have years of practice performing this type of procedures and hundreds of satisfied clients. We strive to ensure that our patients are safe and comfortable before, during, and after the procedure.  Call 954-585-3800 today to schedule a consultation today. 

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