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There are numerous cosmetic procedures that can be done every year, but the most popular cosmetic procedure within the United States is breast augmentation. This procedure is highly sought after for multiple reasons and continues to rank as the number one desired procedure year after year. At Take Shape Plastic Surgery, we understand that breast augmentation can be scary to think about, as you’re applying a change to the visual aesthetics of your body. However, we’ve also seen how hundreds of patients have been incredibly grateful for the opportunity to feel more secure in their skin. Keep reading to learn more about the top six reasons for a breast augmentation procedure. 

  • Self-Confidence 

One of the biggest reasons people decide to undergo a breast augmentation service is because of their lack of self-confidence. They also find that some clothing pieces are difficult to wear and that finding clothes can be frustrating for them. Having a breast augmentation is more than a service for aesthetic purposes, but rather a life-changing visual shift in the way a person identifies with themselves. We give men and women the bodies they’ve always wanted, using the safe and effective tools we have to make it happen. With this new body comes a sense of self-security and more self-confidence. 

  • Reductions 

Sometimes, breast augmentation isn’t about adding elements in, but rather removing them. For women who were born with larger breasts than they’d like, a breast reduction is a desirable procedure. Not only does removing the extra fat make them feel lighter, but it also aids in making them feel more self-confident. They too find that because of their larger breasts, certain clothes are challenging for them to wear. They may also have back pain due to the weight of their breasts. As mentioned above, not all breast augmentations are about aesthetics, so much as they are about increasing one’s sense of self-confidence and comfort. 

  • Proportions 

Some individuals feel that their breasts are not proportionate with the rest of their bodies. They may feel that the lower half of their body and the top is misaligned, causing frustrations when it comes to getting dressed. For example, someone with a curvier bottom half may feel that a smaller chest doesn’t fit. Someone with a more linear bottom half may feel that their large breasts are distracting. Either way, a breast augmentation can help with proportions and the overall appearance of your body as a whole.

  • Breast Asymmetry 

Did you know that some women in the world feel that their breasts are a different size or placed higher than the other? While this may seem insignificant to some, it can be very frustrating for those who are self-conscious of this issue. Fortunately, a breast augmentation can help with symmetry, easily helping them feel more confident about their breasts. 

  • Mastectomy 

Last, but not least, a mastectomy is one of the biggest reasons women seek out a plastic surgeon in regard to breast augmentation. Battling breast cancer is hard enough as it is, and when a mastectomy is in order, it can make women feel as though they’ve lost a part of their femininity. Fortunately, breast construction services are available to help women regain what they feel they may have lost.

  • Pregnancy 

Some women prefer to have a breast augmentation procedure after their pregnancies, because of the way the breasts change throughout the process of pregnancy and motherhood. Generally, the skin can stretch, making women self-conscious of their new bodies. A breast augmentation procedure can help women to feel more confident, more self-secure, and more familiar with bodies by restoring their breasts to what they remember them as pre-pregnancy. 


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