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Having your breasts enlarged is a big decision, so it’s important to find a highly qualified surgeon to perform the procedure. Although breast augmentation is straightforward, it is a surgical procedure that comes with a few risks. By choosing a plastic surgeon who is qualified and trustworthy, you do your part to significantly minimize risk. There is a lot to look for in a plastic surgeon. Here, we review what you should look for when choosing a candidate for your breast augmentation in Florida.

Board Certified 

Your first step is to review the plastic surgeon’s credentials. The most important thing to look for in a plastic surgeon is someone who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons. This means that he or she has undergone extensive training in the field of plastic surgery. 

Any doctor can perform a cosmetic procedure, such as breast augmentation in Florida. That does not make them an ideal candidate for the job. Choosing a board-certified surgeon, like Dr. Russell Sassani of Take Shape, better ensures the procedure is performed safely and that you receive the desired results.

Experience in Breast Augmentation

Find a plastic surgeon who frequently performs breast augmentations, and then make sure the results of his previous procedures match what you want to achieve. You can do this by reviewing the “before and after” pictures on the company’s website. When looking through their pictures, make sure you find someone who has a similar shape to yours, similar challenges, and a similar end result. This gives you a good idea of how your procedure will go.

If you are interested in being a candidate for breast augmentation in Florida, consider the surgeons at Take Shape Plastic Surgery. Our surgeons are some of the most knowledgeable in South Florida. They provide patients with a wonderful experience and have the track record to prove it. For example. Dr. Sassani is experienced in plastic surgery of the breast and sees patients from many different walks of life. He has performed several procedures in Florida with amazing results. If you are interested in breast augmentation in Fort Lauderdale, you’re encouraged to view our “before and after” pictures and schedule a free cosmetic consultation.

Talk to Previous Patients 

Ask to speak with previous patients who have had successful results with the plastic surgeon you’re considering. You can take your research a step further and check doctor review sites to see if anyone has made a complaint about the plastic surgeon. Although most websites offer patient testimonials, they may not tell the entire story. 

Ask Questions 

Once you have a few plastic surgeons you’re considering, schedule individual consultations to speak with each of them. They should be able to answer any questions you may have, and you should feel confident with the answers provided. If you don’t feel comfortable with the plastic surgeon, or it’s not easy to establish dialogue, find somebody else. It’s important that you feel completely confident in your decision. After all, you want to know that you are in good hands and that the surgeon performing the procedure is one you can trust. Make sure you go to the consultation prepared with a list of questions.

Ask questions about the surgeon and the facility:

  • What certifications do you have?
  • Were you specifically trained in the field of plastic/cosmetic surgery?
  • How many years of plastic/cosmetic surgery do you have?
  • Is the office-based surgical facility accredited by a nationally- or state-recognized accrediting agency?
  • Where will you perform the breast augmentation surgery?

Ask questions about the procedure and recovery:

  • What are the risks and complications associated with the procedure, and how are they handled?
  • What can I do to get the best results during the procedure?
  • Will I be expected to have additional implant-related operations? How many?
  • How long will the recovery period last, and what can I do for a successful recovery?

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