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One of the challenges with age is wrinkles, as your face starts to lose a youthful appearance. Florida is the land of sun, fun, and maintaining a young-looking body regardless of your age. The challenge is that as we all get older, we will see the effects of aging and our lifestyle choices. Your face is one area where all of these factors work together to make you look older. 

You don’t have to settle for this and can take steps to change your life for the better by getting a facelift. Statistics show that these procedures are more common as you become older and want to look and feel good. 

Sometimes, jealous people will snicker and talk about how you are trying to stay a certain age. But, it is better to maintain your appearance to receive those benefits that can help you throughout your life. Here are some of the ways that getting a facelift in Fort Lauderdale can help you. 

Increase Self Confidence

Let’s face the facts; sometimes, people go overboard with facelifts by trying to maintain a warped version of themselves. Michael Jackson is the classic example of this, with over 100 facial procedures performed during his lifetime. 

When you are keeping things in balance, a facelift can improve your self confidence by maintaining your outer and inner beauty. Your self confidence improves, and you are more willing to show your true personality. These factors impact your employment prospects, professional, and personal relationships with everyone you meet and know moving forward. The higher the self confidence you have, the more relaxed you will be to have significant opportunities coming your way. 

Take Shape Plastic Surgery can help, with Dr. Sassani studying at some of the most prestigious programs to include Rutgers and the University of Pennsylvania. We can improve your self confidence and help you to get the look you want. 

Maintain a Natural Look

Plastic surgery is improving, and the skills of surgeons make your face have that youthful appearance, with no one noticing the procedure. 

For example, a photofacial in Fort Lauderdale is trendy, as the procedure can tighten your skin, improve collagen production, and help you look younger. All of this is performed using a laser in our office for about 30 minutes. When people see your face, they are unaware that you had facial procedures and think you have an ageless beauty. Your body maintains a natural look and you feel great in knowing that you are doing something to fight the effects of time. 

Take Shape Plastic Surgery specializes in photo facials and other facial procedures to give you the look you want. Our clients give us favorable reviews, demonstrating how we are the best in helping them to maintain an all-natural look. 

You are a Better Competitor

As medicine improves, people are living and working longer than at any point in human history. These are great things, but the downside is that employers look at older employees as out of touch and lacking resources. Employers want younger employees who have their lives ahead of them and determine who they keep and hire based on appearance. If you look old and frail, the odds increase that you will find yourself without a job, even though you can do the work. 

Facelifts are one way of maintaining a youthful look and competing to maintain your position despite your age. You show that you are full of energy and can take on any task with your experience and knowledge. These areas make you a sought-after commodity by employers that want to improve their bottom-line results. 

Take Shape Plastic Surgery specializes in facial procedures, and we can help you to continue to look young. We focus on the neck, brow lifts, lip enhancement, injectable fillers, eyelids, and ear surgery. We can help you to continue looking energetic, resourceful, and living full of life despite your age. 

These are a few ways that a facelift in Fort Lauderdale can improve your life for the better. Call Take Shape Plastic Surgery today at 954-324-2329 and see how we can help you look and feel younger. We are located off North State Road Seven, near Plantation General Hospital and the Fort Lauderdale Country Club.

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