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Each transgender person’s process of transition is different. Therefore, many factors can determine how a person wishes to live and express their gender identity. These people, to achieve gender change, must go through different phases before reaching surgery. We will talk about trans men or FtM (Female to Male) people and the different processes they must go through, focusing on one of the surgeries most demanded by these patients: Mastectomy. 

Being born a woman and feeling like a man is not an easy road in a society that labels you. Luckily, the trans collective is increasingly recognized and accepted socially, and this type of intervention is being increasingly demanded.

Transgender people were, until recently, condemned to live in a body that did not correspond to them because of their minds and their way of being; something that almost always caused them deep depression and discomfort. Fortunately, cosmetic surgery has come to alleviate this problem. Today, with correct hormonal and surgical interventions, we can give patients the body they want and feel identified.

Steps to Follow to Have a Mastectomy 

The process is long and complex and has to be controlled for life. An important first step in the transition process is finding a qualified mental health professional with experience in providing affirmative care for trans people. Personal circumstances are very diverse. For example, there are people with children in which the process, on a psychological level, can be more complicated.

Some renowned clinics have mental health professionals with great experience and training. They can guide and accompany the patient in the process of gender reassignment and, if necessary, support their family environment to help them understand this process they want to board.

Subsequently, the hormone process begins, which in the case of transition from female to male is supplied with androgens that alter the biological process, resulting in different physical changes in their body. These are usually hard times for the patient since they do not feel complete since the transition process is left halfway.

To complete the transition, if the patient wishes to continue with it, they can undergo surgery. Generally, they usually perform surgeries in the genital areas for gender reassignment.  In the case of trans people who have been born men in a female body, the breasts are one of the main elements that they wish to modify, in the case of mastectomy, the masculinization of the thorax is usually practiced. Mastectomy is the medical term used for the surgical removal of one or both breasts partially, or completely.

Generally, mastectomy is usually chosen as a step to the treatment process of anxiety caused by the difference between the expressed and experienced gender, or birth sex (gender dysphoria). In this type of people, the masculinization of the body, which in this case is the chest, is often part of the process so that the person who will undergo this operation feels identified with their gender and their body image is appropriate to their taste.

Some Important Factors About Mastectomy

Mastectomies are mostly done for men in a woman’s body who are in the process of gender reassignment, but a mastectomy can be performed for different reasons. This intervention is performed under general anesthesia and usually lasts between 2 and 3 hours. In patients, the professionals explain that this process is not simply removing breast tissue but about achieving masculinization of the patient’s chest to get away from the femininity that the breasts provide. 

Thus, the professionals must take into account not only the volume but also the shape and other aspects, such as the nipple or the areola that tend to be significantly different between men and women.

When it comes to undergoing a masculinizing mastectomy, you have to bear in mind that it is not extensive with risks despite being a relatively safe surgery. Infrequently, little serious problems, common to any intervention, may appear in the patient. The professional team must take care of all the patient’s details before this type of surgery: how the nipple heals; how is the evolution of recovery, mobility, and sensitivity; how the chest evolves so that it takes the shape it should have, etc.

Mastectomy: FTM Transgender Surgery Fort Lauderdale!

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