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A mommy makeover may be what springs to mind for women who are self-conscious about how their bodies look post-pregnancy in order to feel revitalized. A mom makeover is a set of cosmetic procedures aimed to assist women in revitalizing their bodies after giving birth. Combining numerous plastic surgery treatments into a single surgery allows patients to attain their cosmetic desires within a single recuperation period while saving money.


What Treatments Are Included in a Mommy Makeover?


One of the many benefits of a mom makeover is that it is a personalized strategy for each person’s body. A mother makeover at a medi spa in Fort Lauderdale often includes the following procedures.


Breast Lift and Augmentation


After giving birth, the majority of women, particularly those in their 30s and 40s, require a breast lift. This is due to the rapid expansion and contraction of the breasts during milk production. It’s not unusual for a mother to go up many cup sizes only to fall back down after her baby has finished nursing. Because the skin had to stretch to accommodate all the milk, many women end up with saggy, flatter breasts that need surgical elevation. After finishing nursing, some women realize that they have smaller breasts than they were previously, making combined breast lift and augmentation surgery ideal.




This is a procedure where excess fat acquired during pregnancy is removed using a minimally invasive tube tool. If you’ve grown enormous love handles, for instance, you may require liposuction to remove rid of them. Liposuction treatment in Fort Lauderdale can be done to eliminate fat deposits from different parts of the body than the belly. Liposuction treatment in Fort Lauderdale can remove excess fat from your hips and thighs, which some women experience during pregnancy.


Tummy Tuck


Plastic surgeon Sassani will make a large incision along the bikini line during stomach tuck surgery, allowing him to straighten and tighten your muscles and skin. If upper abdomen tightening is also required, a second cut will be made around your belly button. Your loose skin will be removed in both cases, and any muscle damage will be corrected.


Are You Eligible for a Mommy Makeover?


It is critical to be mentally and physically prepared for the best results. Before considering a mommy makeover, you should:


  • Have fully recovered after childbirth
  • Be finished nursing
  • Be done having kids
  • Be in good health and the appropriate body weight
  • Have a strong commitment to taking care of yourself during recuperation and maintaining the results


What Will My Recuperation Time Look Like?


If you decide to get a mommy makeover, you should be aware that the recuperation period is extensive. Your recuperation time will be determined by your body, the number of treatments performed, and the kind of procedures performed. For instance, tummy tucks and breast lifts might take three months to recover fully. This time limit is frequently increased if you have undergone multiple operations.


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